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Security Systems that are installed by Accucom and monitored by Monitronics International Inc., a UL Listed Central Station, accomplish much more than protection but also provide peace of mind to our clients. In addition to standard burglar alarm features, our security systems keep a timed and dated journal of events that happen within the system. We have systems to fit any budget ranging from free basic systems to the most advanced alarm and surveillance systems available in the low country of South Carolina. Our monitoring rates provide the lowest cost while providing superior service. Assignable alarm codes assist for multiple user applications, especially helpful if your home is property managed or utilized as a vacation rental.

Security by Accucom…Beyond the ordinary!

Test Your System Every Month

One of the best ways to make sure your family or business is always protected is to test your monitored alarm system once a month. It only takes a few minutes to do and ensures that everything is working properly: that the signal is going out and that your Monitoring Station is receiving it.

To test your system, follow the instructions below. Moni Auth DLR logo
1. Call Monitronics, your Monitoring Station at 800-447-9239 to let them know that you will be testing your alarm system and for how long.
2. Go to your keypad and arm your system in AWAY mode with your four digit access code, as if you are leaving the house.
3. Open your main exit/entry door and leave it open past the delay time (approximately 60 seconds).
4. Allow the siren to sound for at least 30 seconds.
5. Close the door and turn off the alarm system.
6. Set the system again in AWAY mode and set off your next protected zone.

You will proceed with this process for each protected zone that you choose to test. Once you are finished with testing all of the zones, call your Monitoring Station back to let them know that you are done and find out what activations were received. If for some reason Monitronics did not receive your test signal, then be sure to call Accucom to schedule service at 843-769-4822.



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